Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Submit your R01 on Sunday!

Per NIH submission policy, if a grant is due on a weekend, the deadline moves to the next business day.  This would mean the Sunday, October 5th deadline would actually move to the 6th.  However, given the high and increasing volume of proposals submitted for the parent R01 deadlines, Grants.gov may be slow on Monday the 6th.  To ensure that your proposal makes it in on time, and that you will have time to review it in the era commons after submission, I highly recommend submitting on Friday, October 3rd if possible.  If you work at an institution that gives you the ability to submit your own proposal directly, you may be able to wait until Saturday, but if you wait longer than that you will run the risk of not having enough time to review your grant and pull it back for changes if you identify any problems.  In case you missed it, NIH eliminated the 2-day error correction window a few years back, which means that all modifications to the proposal must be made prior to the deadline.

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