Sunday, January 26, 2014

Want to improve your proposal writing? Don't write like a scientist!

I came across this great article from Popular Science called 5 Tips For Scientists On How To Not Write Like Scientists | Popular Science.  It includes great suggestions on how to make your writing more readable and less of a jargon-filled, alphabet soup of obscure acronyms.  In fact, my favorite advice in this article is that you should not include a lot of jargoning and acronyming in your writing.  OK, so maybe that is not exactly what the article says, but it does say to refrain from "verbing", or turning words into verbs.  There is some great advice here.  I have found that many brilliant scientists have a very difficult time articulating their research plans.  If a reviewer can't understand the great ideas in your head, you won't receive a great score.  Spend some time on improving your writing and you will see that your scores will improve.

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