Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Worried about the effects of a government shutdown on NIH funding?

The upcoming October 1st start to the new fiscal year has many people in the grants world more than a little nervous. At this point, we just don't know how a government shutdown will impact federal grants. We already know that NIH funding has been significantly reduced in recent years. Beyond that, it is difficult to predict what will happen. Keep an eye on the NIH Sequestration Page for the latest information on policies and procedures in response to the budget shutdown, if it should happen. Let's hope that all of our Democrat and Republican legislators can come together and continue to support the advancement of science research!

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  1. Nice blog, just found and and look forward to coming back routinely. Just wanted to comment on an effect of the shutdown I experienced recently. I had a K99 scored 38 on the first round; the resubmitted grant was scheduled during the shutdown, and when the shutdown ended, they quickly got an SRG together. I found out via the PO that this was an 'internet' meeting, which can lead to terrible discrepancies in the review processes, and in my case this happened where my score shot up to 61! Still waiting for the summary, but that sucks! What's worse is its a K99 and my eligibility is up after this attempt. Gotta look forward, but this is a bitter pill.