Friday, September 6, 2013

Important: Changes to electronic submission of larger grant applications

Forget the TPS reports! Are you submitting a P01 program project grant application for the September deadline? How about a T32 training grant application? If you haven't read the RFA lately, you should look at it again, and more closely. You will save yourself a lot of administrative time - and a few trees- by paying attention to the change in submission requirements. No more adding headers and page numbering your application. No more last-minute trips to Fedex to get the proposal out on time. Why? These and other larger grant applications, which until recently had been held over as paper applications, have now become electronic. Instead of submitting them by mail, you will need to piece them together using ASSIST, and then submit electronically to This is detailed in an NIH notice located here. Confused? Visit the NIH website for FAQs regarding electronic submission.

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