Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's in a name...of a file?

Yes, some of us do some very quirky things when it comes to naming documents that we are working on.  This includes me, as I have been known to name versions of files according to my level of aggravation (such as grant_proposal_X_revisedhopefullyforthelastdarntime).  When it comes to the SF424 application package, however, what you name your files may result in errors or outright rejection of your application.  Naming one file with a title that includes special characters such as ", +, or &, or my personal favorite, putting getmoney$ at the end of every document title, may prevent your application from passing validation.  Prevent these headaches and be kind to your research administrator by giving your documents easy titles.  Including the PI's name in the title of each document can also help to prevent confusion if you work in a busy department that may have multiple applications going in for the same opportunity.  Naming a grant file is like naming a baby - choose wisely or you may suffer long-term consequences!

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