Friday, March 1, 2013

NIH Regional Seminar- Your Only Chance This Year

Baltimore, home of the Ravens, the 2013 Superbowl Champions! 

Have you ever thought that your endless questions about NIH grant proposals could best be answered by NIH personnel, rather than the research administrator at your institution who stopped returning your calls ever since you tried to charge your lab's bar tab from tequila shots at the Christmas party to your grant?  Ever wished that your NIH fairy godmother would appear and grant your wish of becoming an NIH grants expert?  Ever wished you could visit the beautiful and historic city of Baltimore, Maryland?  Well folks, prepare to have your minds blown. 

In past years, NIH has offered two regional seminars in different parts of the country.  At these seminars, newbies and seasoned veterans come together to learn about procedures, upcoming changes, and other important extramural research information directly from NIH personnel.  Today, NIH announced that there will be only one seminar this year, presumably to keep costs down.  The seminar will be offered over a 2-day period, with an optional 1-day workshop before the seminar, and expected attendance is 600-800 people.  Given the popularity of these conferences and the fact that two seminars have now been condensed into one, this is likely to fill up quickly.  If you need to request approval to attend, do it.  This is a rare opportunity to interface with grants personnel and researchers from around the country.  If your institution does not have travel funds available to cover the costs for you, this is one of the few I would recommend paying out of pocket for.  You may even be able to get the tax write off next year as a work related expense.  Find a way to get to Baltimore in June.  You will not regret it.

To register for the seminar, visit this website.

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