Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Old habits die hard - still using old terminology to describe NIH applications?

Do you describe your grants like you are stuck in the past?

NIH has this gnarly, radical table in their FAQs to help you to bring your terminology up to date.  Stay up on the latest lingo so you too can speak like a hip, young researcher and dazzle your colleagues with your awesome freshness.  Let's face it - no one wants to be the laughing stock of the lab's holiday party because they refer to a renewal as a "competing continuation".  I am sure those post-docs will be snickering into their zinfandel if you mention a "progress report." (That's SO 5 years ago!).  So stop talking about your projects like it is the olden days.  Read up and continue to follow the never-ending changes in how NIH describes application types. 

Visit the NIH FAQ page and scroll to:
Is there a comparison of the old vs. new application terminology to help me determine which application type I am submitting?

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