Friday, May 4, 2012

Just In Time (JIT) Continues to Confuse Researchers

The most recent NIH Extramural Nexus discusses a new feature in the era commons that will send an automated email with a JIT request to PIs with scores of 40 or less.  In theory, this is a good idea, because it eliminates the need to check the commons to see if the JIT request appears after your score is posted.  However, as you can tell by reading the comments on the article, this is frustrating for many investigators.  Compiling information for a JIT request such as Other Support can be a time-consuming task, especially at larger institutions and when dealing with international collaborators.  This new feature has the potential to create a lot of work for many people that, in the end, will not result in funding. 

Just a reminder - getting a JIT request DOES NOT guarantee that your project will be funded.  It only means that you scored within "fundable range".  Don't pop the champagne yet! 

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