Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Important Information if you currently have an AHRQ ARRA Grant

AHRQ released a notice today clarifying the use of ARRA funds. The most important items to note are the following:

  1. The awards were NOT issued under expanded authority. If you don't know what this means, it is time to have a conversation with your research administrator.

  2. From the notice: "AHRQ is notifying its ARRA grant recipients that AHRQ’s original policy of generally not intending to allow no cost extensions for Recovery Act grants is modified as follows: AHRQ does not anticipate that any AHRQ ARRA grant with a project period end date of September 29, 2013, qualifies for consideration of submission of a waiver by the Director of AHRQ or HHS to OMB to extend beyond the original project period end date. AHRQ does not intend to allow any no cost extensions for Recovery Act grants with project period end dates of September 29, 2013. "

In other words, these grants were designed to create jobs and accelerate the pace of new and exciting research. If you are dragging your feet on spending the money, start doing it now or plan on giving it back. If you received a grant and can't do what you originally said you were going to do, it is time to have a talk with AHRQ and see if you should return the funds.

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