Monday, June 27, 2011

Studying an aspect of health but neglecting your own?

For those of you who are still scrambling to meet July proposal deadlines, I wonder- are you sacrificing your own health to write the perfect proposal so that you can make the next great health-related breakthrough? While it is tempting to spend the last few nights before the deadline hopped up on caffeine and other stimulants, neglecting your health even for the sake of a major proposal is a terrible idea. (Not to mention that, in a sleepy, caffeinated haze, you are likely to make bad decisions regarding last-minute changes to your research plan and forget important details like writing a budget justification.) How much sleep should you be getting?
What Vitamins & Supplements Should You Be Taking? How much time should you spend on the treadmill? Or dancing and singing Michael Jackson Karaoke? Stop what you are doing, calm down, and think about your body's own needs. There is nothing worse than struggling to put a proposal in, and then promptly coming down with the flu or some other virus.

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