Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grant Proposal Resubmissions - How do you plan to mark changes in your revision?

If you are working on your revised application of an R01 for the July 5th deadline or R03 or R21 for the July 16th deadline, how do you plan to mark the text showing revisions from your previous version? Are you currently italicizing revisions, putting them in bold, or making them a different color? If so, you need to go back and re-read the SF 424 instructions regarding resubmission (A1) applications. The instructions clearly state:

The substantial scientific changes must be marked in the text of the application by bracketing, indenting, or change of typography. Do not underline or shade the changes. Deleted sections should be described but not marked as deletions. If the changes are so extensive that essentially all of the text would be marked, explain this in the Introduction. The Preliminary Studies/Progress Report section should incorporate work completed since the prior version of the application was submitted.

One of the most effective, space-saving methods of marking your changes is to use Arial 11 for your font setting for all unchanged text, and Palatino Linotype 11 (in italic or bold) to mark all of your changes. The fonts are similar enough that they won't give the reviewers a headache, but different enough to meet the NIH requirements and clearly mark your revisions. Don't forget to also include an introduction page that provides an overview of your changes to the application and responses to major reviewer comments.

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  1. great recommendation on the font, but is it ok to use italic or bold for the Palatino Linotype 11 to mark the changes? I thought NIH did not want us to use italic or bold, and I assume that would also apply to not using italic or bold even if the font type is different?