Thursday, May 26, 2011

Look for free advice first

I was surprised to see the cost of this instruction manual for NIH grant applications. Don't get me wrong- I understand the value and importance of seeking advice from very experienced NIH grant applicants, especially if you are a new or younger investigator. However, the manual was not developed or approved by NIH. Before you fork over hundreds of dollars for the manual, take a look at some of these great (FREE!) resources provided by NIH. While they are maintained by specific centers and institutes, much of their advice and guidance applies universally to NIH R01, R03, and R21 applications.

Biosketch, Bibliography, and Facilities/Resources Advice from NIAID:

NIH Tips for Avoiding Common Errors in Electronic Submission:

Research Plan Advice from NIAID (geared toward R01s, but useful for other mechanisms):

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