Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NIH Error Submission Window to Disappear

Have you ever had to rely on the NIH Error Submission Window to fix a mistake in your proposal? If so, you should read this new announcement. NIH, AHRQ and NIOSH will be eliminating this window beginning with the January 25, 2011 due date. This means that, when your proposal is submitted on the deadline, it is final. Be sure to do all of your error checking before it is submitted to NIH.

Note that, if you submit your proposal prior to the deadline, you will still have a 2-day window in which to review and change your application. This new policy will only affect those individuals who submit on the actual proposal due date.

I personally believe this is a great change. Under the current error submission window policy, you are given up until 2 business days after a proposal deadline to make changes, so if you submit on the deadline, you still have 2 days to correct any errors. This policy is easy to take advantage of, and I am sure some investigators have (though I hope not many). Theoretically, you could submit on the deadline and manipulate your way into having 2 extra days to finish your research plan. This is not fair to all of those PIs who meet the deadline, of course. I think this is a great decision on the part of NIH, as it will help to ensure a fair and equitable process for everyone.

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