Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can I request assignment of my application to a certain NIH institute or center?

Yes, you can make this request, though NIH does not guarantee that your proposal will be assigned based on your request. To request assignment to a particular center or institute, complete a cover letter. This can be uploaded directly into the optional cover letter section of the application package. In the letter, request the center you feel is most appropriate and provide a brief justification for this request. NIH will consider your request when assigning your application to a study section. However, there are no guarantees. If you believe your research would be best suited by a review from NICHD, for example, look at the NICHD website for information regarding the types of research supported by the insititute. Be sure that your proposal is written in a way that falls into one or more of this institute's program areas. If not, look at ways you may be able to revise your aims to be more suited to the insitute. Or, look at other institute's where reviewers may have expertise in your research area as well.

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